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Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association

HAHA Archery has enjoyed substantial growth of its membership over the past few years and in return we have done some large capital improvements to our section. All new warthog archery target have been purchased for the practice range and 20+ new 3D tournament targets have also been purchased this year. A 70 meter Olympic range target has just been purchased for our practice range.

The archery section contains a selection of field targets, a year round 2-D target & 3-D animal course and a practice range with butts from 10 yds to 80 yds.

HAHA Archery is always looking to grow our sport and encourage new members to the club..

3-D Range

The HAHA 3-D Range consists of 20 animal targets and can be found in the woods on the southern part of the property in the Archery area. (please to the map for the most current plan). This is a walking course usually done in groups of four archers.  There are two types of archery events, marked yardage and unmarked yardage. The majority of the shoots are now marked yardage also known as K50. In unmarked yardage you guess of estimate the yardage required. In marked or K50, you are either given the yardage or allowed to use a range finder.

Each 3D Target will have a set of scoring rings on it.  The smallest circle scores and 11 or 12 points, the next ring is the heart, 10 points, the lung is 8 points, the body is 5 points. 

We have all types of animal targets which are rotated throughout the year. These targets are close to life sized animals and include Antelope, Deer, Sheep, Snake, Skunk, Elk, Cougar, Bobcat and even a Velociraptor.

The 18 meter indoor archery range with the new Warthog Archery Wall

New Archery Practice Range

The new practice range using  Warthog Archery Target butts continues to been installed.

Local OAA Shoots

See what shooting flying tagets looks like at:

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During our traditional archery shoot we set up the archery disk launcher. 

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