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Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association


  1. All firearms laws are to be followed at all times while using this range.

  2. No person may use or be under the influence of any alcohol or drug including prescription medication, which could impair their ability to act safely while at this range. This includes members, guests, and visitors even if they are not shooting. Smoking and vaping are prohibited on all Handgun Ranges.

  3. Eye protection and ear protection must be used while shooting on the firing line.

  4. A range officer or member of the club executive has the right to suspend someone from the range for a breach of any club rules or any act they deem to be unsafe.

  5. All guests must be directly supervised by the club member at all times while on the range. They may only shoot from the members bench/port. A member may not shoot while the guest is shooting. They must supervise their guest while he/she is shooting.

  6. In the case of a misfire, a hang-fire, or other unnatural sound, keep the firearms pointed down range and do not open for at least 60 seconds. Only then may you proceed to clear the problem while maintaining proper safe handling procedures.

  7. Firearms are to be brought to the range is a case and only uncased and handled on the firing line. Once uncased and proven safe, long guns may be transferred between the firing line and the rifle racks with the barrel up and the action open. Except under special circumstance determined by the Chairperson of the Handgun Section The handling of firearms behind the firing line is prohibited!

  8. Targets must be affixed so as not to do any damage to any structure.

  9. Shooters are required to replace worn out target backing as needed using the supplied screws and drill/driver.

  10. Only paper targets are allowed. Other targets may be approved by the chairperson of the Handgun Section at their discretion.

  11. The use of center fire rifles has been restricted to ports #11 and #12 for sighting in purposes only. All other forms of rifle shooting to be done on the Rifle Range.

  12. The use of all rim fire 22 caliber and .177 caliber rifles are exempt and may be fired from any shooting port.

  13. The use of shotguns has been restricted to ports #11 and 12 for sighting in purposes, shooting slugs only. Buckshot and birdshot are prohibited.

  14. Member swipe cards must be used by all members to enter the range, without exception, during each range visit.

  15. The range “IN USE” sign must be activated prior to any shooting. The last person to leave the range is responsible for closing the sign.

  16. Safety lights must be used correctly at all times. The last person to leave the range is responsible for shutting off the safety lights.

  17. When two or more persons are using the range, by mutual agreement, one person shall be designated as the “Range Officer” (RO).  The designated Range Officer will place the orange flag and base at their shooting position so everyone is clear who the RO (Range Officer) is.

  18. All shooters shall obey the Range Officer’s commands. On the command of “CEASE FIRE” all shooting STOPS, all guns are to be unloaded, made safe, laid on the shooting bench, with action or cylinder open, and all shooters are to step back behind the red line and await further instructions.

  19. Loaded firearms are to be confined to the firing line, kept pointed down range at all times and are not permitted elsewhere on the range.

  20. When the green lights are on, no one will cross the red line or occupy the firing ports. There shall be absolutely no handling of firearms, and no handling of equipment on the firing line while targets are being changed or someone is down range

  21. Never hand a loaded firearm to another person except in the situation of a malfunction when under the supervision of a Range Officer.

  22. Firing must be from the shoulder or shoulder height, using sights (not from the hip etc.)

  23. All long guns must have a butt stock and it must be used when shooting.

  24. Do not handle other people’s firearms or equipment without their permission and only after the firearm has been PROVEN SAFE. Handguns should be laid flat on a shooting bench when exchanging between persons..passing of firearms should be avoided. 

  25. Report all incidents of vandalism, range rule violations or safety abuses to any Club Executive member available (Gather as much information as possible such as names, address, vehicle license number and description etc.)

  26. Except for black powder firearms, up to 50 caliber firearms are allowed. No prohibited bullets are allowed (This includes tracer, steel jacketed, steel cored and armor piercing rounds). Copper alloy FMJ bullets are allowed.

  • Ranges are for shooting, common areas are for socializing. Please refrain from excessive socializing on live ranges.

Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association is a not-for-profit organization. 

1317 Alberton Rd. S., Alberton, ON    L9G 4X2.  

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