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HAHA Steel Range Use Guideline

All users are expected to paint targets after use. Paint is not supplied by the Section. Failure to leave targets ready for the next member will result in suspension of range priveleges.

Use of the Steel Range is permitted to all Handgun Members who select the Action range option. Use of the Steel Range is regulated separately from use of the rear Action Range.  Members are expected to have read and abide by all Club and Section rules as posted on the club website.

Ranges are for shooting, common areas are for socializing. Please refrain from excessive socializing on live ranges!

Steel Target Safety Rules

  • All targets will be inspected before use noting any damages or defects. Never shoot at targets that are cratered, pitted, warped or damaged in any fashion. Any target with a defect will be removed from the range. 
  • All static targets will be mounted with a forward cant of at least 20 degrees.  Do not address targets with less than this inclination. Drop targets (plates) do not have this requirement. 
  • If addressing multiple targets the angle of engagement will not exceed 20 degrees. 
  • Targets must be addressed at a distance of 10m or greater. 
  • Only calibers commonly considered handgun calibers may be used on the steel targets. 
  • No steel core or specialty ammunition can be used on a steel target. 
  • BBs, steel shot and air gun pellets cannot be used on a steel target. 
  • Shotgun use is only allowed under special exemption. 
  • While targets can be engaged from a bench anywhere between 10m and 25m, the firing line will remain static and shared when multiple users are on the range. 
  • The Steel range can follow IPSC guidelines when under supervision of IPSC qualified members. 
  • Paper targets may be used in the range but not mounted to any structure..with the exception of match activity or organized practice sessions.  

Steel Range Etiquette and User Requirements

  • Targets are to be spray painted with a generic white paint after use and made ready for the next shooter. Paint is not supplied by the Section.  Ideally, members should select a group of targets per session, the shooting of every target in the array is discouraged. 
  • Falling targets must be reset after each use. It is the member’s responsibility when leaving the range to ensure all plates are replaced and/or reset.
  • Shooters should be considerate of other members when using specialty targets, switching positions to share targets and not tying up bench space unnecessarily. 

Steel Range Maintenance

Always handle steel targets and supports with gloves  - the surfaces are very sharp and laden with bullet fragments!

  • Broken target supports on the ‘diamonds and squares’ should be replaced as necessary. Relieve the ½ retaining screws and remove the old support, replace with new, and tighten the retainers. 
  • All targets need occasional levelling and supporting – perform as necessary. 
  • Damaged targets should be placed by the trailer and the Chair informed via email. 

Questions or clarification contact the Chair at

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