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Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association


  1. All firearms laws are to be followed at all times while using this range with regard to safety. No Firearms are allowed on this archery Ranges.

  2. No person may use or be under the influence of any alcohol or drug including prescription medication, which could impair their ability to act safely while at this range. This includes members, guests, and visitors even if they are not shooting.

  3. A range officer or member of the club executive has the right to suspend someone from the range for a breach of any club rules or any act they deem to be unsafe.

  4. Broad heads are not allowed on any club targets. Members may bring their own targets and use broad heads, but must seek approval from the Archery Section Chairperson before doing so.

  5. Never draw a bow with an arrow unless you are on the shooting line.

  6. Never draw a loaded bow at anything other than a target.

  7. All shots must be taken from posted positions at target butts only. Never shoot at item in the ground or air.

  8. Make sure that the target area is clear of other people before shooting.

  9.  Do not handle another archer’s equipment without their express permission.

  10. Do not pull someone else’s arrow unless asked.

  11. Do not shoot damaged equipment (bows or arrows)

  12. Parent, or agent 18 years or older supervision is mandatory at all times for youth ages 16 and under.

  13. When walking to and from or while on ranges, please stay on the pathways and out of fields. Do not take short cuts.

  14. A Crossbow Lane has been created to accommodate members with crossbows.  A table is in place to assist with sighting-in your crossbow. Crossbows are to be used in this lane only and the 3-D course, but not on the Practice Range or Indoor Range."

  15. All crossbow bolts are to be a minimum length as set out in the Ontario Hunting Regulation.


  1. Do not start shooting until everyone is behind the shooting line.

  2. Stop shooting when all others are finished (3 arrow limit per end when range is busy)

  3. Do not crowd other archers on the shooting line.

  4. Only shoot at official targets on the shooting wall. (Provide your own official targets or club targets are available for $1.00 ea.)

  5. Remove target faces from the target wall when you are finished.

  6. Crossbows are not permitted in the indoor range.

  7. Do not leave shooting line when adjacent archer is at full draw.

  8. Do not disturb shooters by loud noises or conversations.

  9. The maximum arrow speed is 280 (+/-3%) fps.


Like 3-D, the Field Range is a walking course which takes place in both the field and woods.  A normal range has 28 targets, but here at HAHA we have a half course of 14 targets which range from 20 feet to 80 yards.  The distance to the target is always known and each archer shoots 4 arrows per target.

Note.  Violation of the above rules will not be tolerated.  Club Membership may be terminated, and criminal prosecution against any offender and associate may be undertake



  • First Aid kits are located in the club house kitchen area, in the Trap room, in the shooting area of the Rifle & Handgun Ranges as well as within the indoor archery range. The Emergency defibrillator is located with the main first aid kit in the bathroom section of the club house.
  • Telephones are located in the Clubhouse at the Trap desk, in the Kitchen and outside on the wall of the rear porch.

Hunting is NOT allowed anywhere on club property.

Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association is a not-for-profit organization. 

1317 Alberton Rd. S., Alberton, ON    L9G 4X2.  

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