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Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association

Non-Member (Guest) Rules

1. A member may host ONE guest at a time in accordance with the club and these rules. 

2.  The guest must be directly supervised at all times by the host member. If your guest is shooting, you are watching.  If you are shooting your guest is watching.  If your guest is unlicensed you must be within arm’s length of them while they are in the shooting port.  

3.  The member and guest may use more than one bench provided another member does not need the bench being used by the guest

4.  Guests and the member must sign the guest log and pay the appropriate fee. Currently $10 per guest  The Clubhouse is only accessible on Wednesday and Sunday.

5. Action range guests must meet equivalent qualifications as host members unless otherwise arranged with Section Chair.  

6.  A guest may use the range a maximum of three times

*A person in authority includes a peace officer and any member of the club executive. 

Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association is a not-for-profit organization. 

1317 Alberton Rd. S., Alberton, ON    L9G 4X2.  

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