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Our 3 ranges are to open with restrictions as of December 26, 2020. Below is a description of the restrictions and a guide for range use considering the new operating procedures.

  • All members are required to sanitize hands prior to entry with the provided sanitizer. Use of gloves does not eliminate that requirement. 
  • Members are required to sign into, and out of, each range they use on every visit
  • Members are to refrain from smoking within any Handgun Range
  • No beverage containers are to be brought into any Handgun Range, members are asked to make efforts to take their garbage with them as well. 
  • Members are encouraged to use and evacuate the range in a prompt fashion
  • Targets are available and free of charge. 
  •  One member per port, minors excepted. 

Steel Range and Action Range

  • Steel targets to be reset after use 
  • The Action office is closed and off limits except to Match officials
  • Steel range users are required to paint targets after use, in a generic white paint, for the next shooter. Paint is not supplied by the Section. 
  • Action range use to continue as normal, with members practicing safe distancing when sharing the Safety Table and other tables 
  • Garbage is to placed only in the barrels clearly marked 'Garbage' 
  • No targets are to be disposed of in any barrels, particularly those marked 'No Targets' 

Your cooperation is appreciated. Volunteer activities and maintenance are also required and expected to continue.

Jeff Small

Handgun Section Director


H.A.H.A  has 3 ranges, a covered 12/25 metre range, a Steel range and an IPSC (Action)  range.

The 12/25 m range is open to all handgun section members who have been given a thorough orientation by thier sponsoring member. Questions regarding range rules and practices can be addressed through the Section Chair. 

Access to the Steel Range is granted to Action section members read the Steel Range orientation.  Access to the IPSC range is granted to persons qualified in a discipline such as IPSC, IDPA, PPC or other club approved disciplines on the approval of the Handgun Section Chair.

IPSC range use is to be in accordance with a recognized Action shooting discipline. Practice and Competition in such disciplines will take priority over other uses.

Current valid qualifications can be requested at any time by persons in authority. All shooters are required to swipe in each time they attend any of the 3 ranges. 

Any questions or concerns should be forwarded to the Section Chair at handgun@hahaclub.ca

Section Job List - Volunteers Required 

Regular and Ongoing Requirements

  • empty all garbage/recycling all ranges
  • replace/maintain 12/25 target rails and tentest - do not cover upright posts!
  • cut grass, trim grass, remove/spray weeds
  • Steel - paint steel targets, level/steady targets, replace 2x4 posts as required
  • Action  - replace 1x2 target sticks (32"-60" lengths)
  • Action - stack/organize barrels and target stands

Specialty Requirements

  • 12/25  - Electrical job - run power for and install infrared heaters  - contact chair for details

 Action Range 

  1. Reset 8x8 posts and level gates
  2. Reset entry door



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