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Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association


  1. All firearms laws are to be followed at all times while using this range.

  2. No person may use or be under the influence of any alcohol or drug including prescription medication, which could impair their ability to act safely while at this range. This includes members, guests, and visitors even if they are not shooting.

  3. All guests must be directly supervised by the club member at all times while on the range.  Host members are responsible for verifying the guest's qualifications when using the Action Ranges.  A member may not shoot while the guest is shooting. They must supervise their guest while he/she is shooting.

  4. In the case of a misfire, a hang-fire, or other unnatural sound, keep the firearms pointed down range and do not open for at least 60 seconds. Only then may you proceed to clear the problem while maintaining proper safe handling procedures.

  5. The Rifle and Handgun rules apply to the Action Ranges unless they conflict with the specific rules below.  During organized practices (practices approved by the Handgun Section Chairperson) and matches for a particular shooting discipline, that discipline’s rules may be used instead of these club rules, including the use of a certified RO. 

  6.  Red and green flags will be used in lieu of lights in both action ranges.

  7. Holsters may only be worn by qualified people and in accordance with a recognized shooting discipline. All shooting must be done in accordance with that recognized discipline. For recognized qualifications, contact the Handgun Section Chairperson.

  8. Only lead, metal jacket or copper washed bullets with a muzzle velocity of not less than 750 feet per second may be used on steel targets. Steel-core is prohibited, as is any calibre generally considered to be a 'rifle calbre'.

  9. The Range Officer may prohibit the use of any firearm, ammunition or target that they consider may be unsafe.

  10. Loaded firearms must always be under control and never left unattended.

  11. When shooters are on the firing line, firearms must be pointed down range at all times with the muzzle horizontal or below horizontal, whether loaded or unloaded. Unloaded handguns may also be holstered in accordance with a recognized discipline.  Holstered handguns shall be unloaded and have no magazine except on the firing line with direct supervision of a Range Officer.

  12. Firearms may be loaded to their legal capacity.

  13. Firearms must be uncased in a designated area or on the firing line. You must immediately open the action of a firearm upon unceasing it.  It can then be closed and holstered or left open if on a table or in a rack.

  14.  Never hand a loaded firearm to another person except in the situation of a malfunction when under the supervision of a Range Officer.

  15. The firing line may move so long as all shooters move together under the direction of a Range Officer. Also the firing line must not be less than 10 meters from the metal targets.
  16. Shotguns may not be used on Range 1 (Steel Target Range) except during authorized organized practices and competitions approved by the Handgun Section Chairperson.  Shotguns may be used on Range 2 (Action Range) at any time.  Slugs and SSG or larger may be used on paper targets. Only lead shot is allowed.

  17. The use of military surplus ammunition is prohibited on steel targets.

  18. Incendiary, steel-cored, tracer, armor piercing, gas or explosive ammunition is prohibited.

  19. Paper targets must be placed on supplied target stands and be as close to the berm as possible. No paper targets are to be placed on Steet Target Shrouds.

  20. All rifle caliber firearms are prohibited on the Steel Target Range. Rifle caliber firearms may be used in the Tactical Range if qualified, on paper targets but must not be used on steel targets on that range.

  21. No objects shall be placed as targets on or against the target frames or thrown in the air on the action ranges.
  22. There will be no unsafe handling of any firearms including sideways or hip shooting. Shooters must be in full control of their firearm at all times while shooting.

  23. You may go forward of the firing line only with permission of the RSO and only after all firearms are unloaded, have the actions open and all shooters have stood clear of the firing line. There is absolutely no handling of firearms during a cease fire or when anyone is down range.

  24. Firearms must be unloaded and cased, holstered or in the case of long guns, racked, except at the loading table or firing line.

  25. Actions must be open and firearms clear with the magazine out or cylinder open when left on a table or rack.

  26. Shooters must clean up after use. Used targets are to be put in the Club's recycling, not in barrels.  Empty cartridge cases are to be picked up and placed in the appropriate brass pails provided.  

  27.  Report all incidents of vandalism, range rule violations or safety abuses to any Club Executive member available (Gather as much information as possible such as names, address, vehicle license number and description etc.)   

  28. Shooters are responsible for target damage if they are using high powered loads and damage occurs.

  29. The conditions on our CFO range license which must not be violated are:

Approval for use includes: PPC/IPSC/IDPA/Bullseye/Cowboy Action (SASS)/Shotgun-Rifle Slugs to SSG

Shotgun Hanging Clays-maximum shot size 7½ and the only allowable use of birdshot on the rear range.

Approval Conditions: No target placement on the range floor. All bullets must impact the backstop at mid line or lower without striking the range floor. All targets are to be placed as close to the backstop as practical. No shooting greater than 45 degrees from the firing line to the backstop or side-backstop. No moving props permitted unless the Chief Firearms Office is notified in writing, 15 days prior to the IPSC competition using moving props.

Ranges are for shooting, common areas are for socializing. Please refrain from excessive socializing on live ranges

Questions or clarification contact the Chair at


Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association is a not-for-profit organization. 

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