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Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association

Volunteers Make the Difference!

Since The Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association (H.A.H.A.) was founded in 1921, it has been offering shooting sports and related activities at very reasonable costs. Our club’s rich heritage and success has been made possible through the volunteer efforts of our awesome members. Without volunteers the cost of membership and every club activity would be far greater. In fact, without volunteers, many activities would completely cease to exist!


We all have families, jobs, and a multitude of other demands on our time that sometimes makes us think it would be nearly impossible to volunteer. But, think about this…each and every one of us joined HAHA to enjoy one or more of the activities it offers. No one joined just to have someplace to volunteer his or her time and expertise. We volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some volunteer because they enjoy a particular activity so much, that they want to be sure it will continue to be available, and at a reasonable cost. Some members volunteer simply because they believe it is the right thing to do. Some volunteer because they enjoy spending time with other club members. And others, well others just because they want to help out – give something back to an organization that makes so many activities available for us to enjoy. But let’s be honest, everyone that volunteers would probably rather be shooting!

But What Can I DO?       Ask your Section Chair or any Director.

Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association is a not-for-profit organization. 

1317 Alberton Rd. S., Alberton, ON    L9G 4X2.  

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