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Welcome to the Hamilton Anglers & Hunters Association Rifle Range. In 2013 we completed a major reconstruction project of our berms. We changed the configuration of the berms & also increased the height an additional 2 to 3 meters. This increase in height exceeds all government specifications & gives us one of the safest ranges in the province. The outcome of this project culminated in the amalgamation of the old handgun & rifle ranges into our new Precision range. The new configuration gives our members the ability to shoot from 4 different distances from our covered firing lines. We can now shoot on fixed targets at 10m, 25m, 50m and 100m. Pistols & pistol caliber rifles can use any of the 30 shooting positions. Center fire rifles are allowed on the 16, 50m & 100m positions. Center fire rifles are also allowed to use the 8, 25m positions only for sighting in of new equipment. We have also made alterations to our long range baffle system to allow shooting to be done standing, bench rested & prone from designated positions.

I would like to also point out that this section relies heavily on volunteers for its operation. I would like to thank all the members that make this section of the club as great as it is. You will be hard pressed to find another not for profit club with facilities like the ones at H.A.H.A. Members of this section will be asked to commit at least 8 hours a year to its ongoing operation. This can be done by organizing events, repairing target structures or even cutting grass. There are jobs available for every ability & skill level. Please email me using the link below to volunteer you time & skills.

Guests of members are now able to use the entire Precision Range. The member must be present within arm’s reach of their guests at all times. A limit of two guests per member has been implemented. All guests must be signed in at the clubs front desk. A $10.00 fee is required for any guest over the age of 16. Members will be held accountable for the actions of their guests. A Letter of invitation will also be posted below for guests wanting to bring restricted firearms to our club.

Thank you,

H.A.H.A. Rifle Range Chair


Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association is a not-for-profit organization. 

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