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Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association


January 2017

  1. No person may use or be under the influence of any alcohol or drug including prescription medication, which could impair their ability to act safely while using the pond.

  2. Fishing in the pond is allowed during open seasons utilizing legal methods.

  3. Fish caught that are in good shape may be released back into the pond.

  4. Injured fish that would not survive, or any dead fish must be taken off the property and disposed of properly.

  5. Do not litter.  Use the containers provided around the property.

  6. Do not discard fishing line into any container.  This will ensure the safety of wildlife which might us it for nesting and become entangled.

  7. Children at the pond must be closely supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

  8. No swimming in the pond.

  9. Dogs are allowed at the pond except during specified times which are posted. Please clean up behind your animal.

  10. Camping is not allowed around the pond

  11. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources requires that persons fishing in the pond must have a valid fish license – the same rules governing fishing apply equally everywhere in Ontario.

  12. In order to curtail the introduction of unwanted species of fish, the use of live minnows is prohibited.

  13. Caution must be used in the winter. No person may walk on the ice on the pond


     14 Using the pond area during times when trap and skeet ranges are in use is prohibited !!

Tim Shehan pond section director

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